Ongoing Research and Affiliations

The basic structure for the research of the Referential Process Research Group is provided by Bucci’s theory of the Referential Process, which in turn is based on her Multiple Code Theory. The members of the group interactively work to formulate and test a scientifically based general psychological model that represents emotion as an integral aspect of mental functioning. Such a theory is necessarily relevant to psychotherapy and can provide a framework for the observations and experiences of clinical theorists, practitioners and their patients.In broad outline, the goals of the group are to (A) further develop the theory of the referential process, including its connections with cognitive science, neuroscience and other branches of psychology; (B) understand referential activity as a basic psychological process by conducting scientific research studies that both define the parameters of this process and show its connections to other psychological processes; (C) expand and validate the computerized measures of the phases of the referential process, primarily with the goal of using these measures for clinical studies; and (D) provide a framework for clinical science by conducting studies that use clinical material, such as transcripts, therapist's notes and interviews, to relate the measures of the referential process to clinical understanding and measurements.